One-on-one Birth Support with A Certified Doula


I’m so thrilled to have you here! I’m a Birth Doula ready to support you in having your best birth. I can’t wait to help you through this exciting, powerful, and vulnerable time.

Please note that I am mostly only taking repeat clients at this time. That said, if you've really liked what you've found on this site and feel strongly I may be the doula for you, please feel free to reach out and we can talk. Please email me directly at

Get in touch!

Get in touch!

Emma Pence
Certified Birth Doula

I am a Certified Birth Doula here to support you in achieving your vision of the best birth for you. I believe birth is a natural, intimate process, and I am especially excited to support moms who are aiming for a natural birth.

I cannot wait to provide comfort and assistance to you through your pregnancy, at your birth, or both! I  can be your go-to resource as you navigate your birth (forget endless googling!). I’m here to provide evidence-based information that will help you explore and make decisions prenatally, during birth, and postpartum. 

Your care will be personalized to you. I’ll get to know you and your desires for your pregnancy and birth at our prenatal appointments. Together, we will  talk about the birth process, design a birth plan, and discuss how you want me to support you at your birth. During the birth I’ll  provide non-medial physical comfort, emotional support, and assist you throughout labor in the ways you want me to. 

Statistically, as a birth doula, I’ll lessen your chances for unnecessary interventions  and improve your satisfaction with your birth. Women supported continuously by a doula during labor are 28% less likely to have a c-section, 31% less likely to use Pitocin or synthetic oxytocin to speed labor, 9% less likely to use medication for pain, and 34% less likely to to experience their labor in a negative way. You can explore this more in my “resources” section. 

Ultimately, I’m here to support you and accompany you during this intimate journey. I would love to provide care for you, mama, and your partner (if applicable) during this immensely important time in your life! This is a time for dreaming and thinking realistically about your needs. It is a time of decision making and preparing for a great transition. I’ll be here to help you before, during, and immediately after the birth of your baby. It is all on your terms and according to your needs and preferences.