About Our Care

About Our Birth Doula Care

The meaning of the ancient Greek word “doula” is “a woman who serves” often as a labor companion or assistant, and today, a “birth doula” is a professional who provides emotional and physical care for a woman before, during, and soon after labor. Going back to the root meaning of the word, I want to serve, comfort, and assist you as you prepare for birth, go through labor, and give birth.

How Little Lamb Doula Care helps you prenatally:

—Discuss what your best birth looks like to you
—Provide information on childbirth and the stages of labor
—Help you learn what to expect emotionally during labor
—Practice rhythmic techniques to cope in labor
—Practice helpful labor positions ahead of time
—Discuss comfort measures I'll use to help you during labor

How Little Lamb Doula Care helps you during labor and birth:

—I'll be focusing solely on you and your needs ( and your partner's)
—Emotional support, assistance with finding beneficial labor positions, and techniques to increase comfort
—I'll help you recall your birth goals and plan
—I'll advocate for your desires to be upheld by the doctors or midwife and nurses
—I will assist your partner by modeling techniques for them to help you during labor
—I can give your partner a break and provide them with reassurance
—Continuous focus on you and your needs immediately after the birth of the baby (staff's focus often shifts to the baby)
—Help with initial breastfeeding
—Tidying of birth space

How Little Lamb Doula Care helps you postpartum:

—Reviewing and discussing the birth together
—Help with breastfeeding
—Light household chores and upkeep
—Referrals to lactation consultants or other professionals if needed
Little Lamb Doula Care centers on empathy, compassion, care, and fulfilling your needs. Please call me to set up a consultation. We can discuss your desires for this birth experience and how you’d like me to accompany you!