Stats on Birth Doula Care

Stats on the “Welcome” page are from DONA International’s position paper which can be found HERE

DONA International originally got these stats from the Cochrane Review (though the paper has since been updated) and can be found HERE

Prenatal Resources

Resources for the pregnancy journey.

Nausea? Morning sickness? Consider acupuncture wrist bands. They simply apply pressure to a body point to relieve nausea. 

Birth Resources

For thinking about how you can have your best birth.

Supplies for a home birth:

Postpartum Resources

Your newborn. Breastfeeding. Postpartum feelings, experience, and depression. Healing. The fourth trimester. Support.

Resources for Children

Free & quickly available activities to do with your children! 

Monetary & Emotional support

Rosemary Foundation for Maternal Care (Assistance Paying for Doula Services)

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Midwives & Local Health Professionals (Lansing, MI)

In addition to entire midwifery care, Celeste offers an a la carte prenatal care option for moms who *only* want prenatal care from a midwife. Celeste is also able to serve Spanish speaking clients! 

A Tip from your Birth Doula: Pick a care provider, whether a midwife or OB, who is in-line with your beliefs and desires for your birth. You'll have a harder time achieving the birth experience you want if you have a care provider who has a different vision than you. Make sure you are comfortable, truly comfortable, with your midwife or OB and don't be afraid to make a change! This is your birth!


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Cerebral Palsy Support